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Outdoor Magic Spit Tumble Basket

Outdoor Magic Spit Tumble Basket

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Introducing the Outdoor Magic Non-Stick Tumble Basket/Tumbler—an essential tool for your rotisserie adventures! Perfect for cooking vegetables, potatoes, chicken wings, drumsticks, and anything else too small to skewer directly on your spit shaft.

Simply load your favorite foods into the Tumble Basket, secure it on your rotisserie, and let the magic happen. The basket rotates, ensuring even cooking and delicious results every time. It's a versatile addition to your grilling arsenal, making it easy to enjoy a variety of dishes with minimal effort.

Whether you're grilling up a feast for friends or enjoying a family BBQ, the Outdoor Magic Non-Stick Tumble Basket/Tumbler makes outdoor cooking fun and hassle-free. Elevate your culinary creations and let the rotisserie do the work while you relax and enjoy the flavors of grilled perfection!

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