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Oh Ale Yes Pale Ale Carolina BBQ Sauce

Oh Ale Yes Pale Ale Carolina BBQ Sauce

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The Oh Ale Yes sauce is inspired by several different styles of sauces from the US states of North and South Carolina. (no - it doesn't contain that Reaper chilli!, this is a mild sauce.)
The flavour on this one focuses on a malty zingy-ness. This part of the US loves a tangy sauce to pour over their pulled pork and "pig pickins" but we love the way our sauce works to cut through and balance a fatty brisket as well.

This has a cider vinegar and mustard flavour base and a touch of tomato, a pinch of spices and chilli flakes (not many) and a fair whack of locally crafted ale! This rounds out the tang with a rich, malt tinged undercurrent that's just so nice on so many things. As mentioned, it's fantastic on the usual pork ribs and butt... but works well as a brisket alternative. And wings! Oh man, try these with some crisped up chicken wings (especially along with the Bird Brain rub) with that little extra beer flavour hit and you may never go back to Buffalo wings

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