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Bulldozer BBQ

Bulldozer Better Off Red Rub

Bulldozer Better Off Red Rub

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This spice rub has a natural sweetness of roasted beetroot, a slight heat, the earthiness of arabica coffee plus surprising elements like fenugreek and sumac. It's incredibly fragrant. It's gorgeous on pork or chicken or veg, fantastic on salmon and other seafood and perfectly suited to duck. 

Smoked, grilled or pan-seared, it works just right for anything that likes a bit of sweetness while remaining so well balanced

Ingredients: Beetroot, demerara raw sugar, arabica coffee, ancho chilli, garlic, pepper, cumin, onion, fenugreek, green mango, sumac, Victorian Pink Lake Salt, nutmeg, other spices

Gluten Free, No MSG or other additives., Vegan friendly

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